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Segmented Gpx path CoreForce 244 2
by CoreForce
Help please, Apple starts to drive me crazy!! Nico1788 261 1
by houdah
Timezone during Photos import kswanson 206 1
by houdah
Time Change for Multiple Images cottonM 217 1
by houdah
Finder labels cleared after export james_nz 161 1
by houdah
Fujifilm X-T2 compressed RAW file support wombi1973 180 1
by houdah
Photos RAW+JPG only JPG updated? kswanson 179 1
by houdah
Unable to Import Track Logs NikonBx 200 4
by NikonBx
Specific meaning of menu "nearby" geomat 142 1
by houdah
Wrong file count during loading steve 136 1
by houdah
EXIF not writing to files steve 232 5
by steve
Slow loading media browser for Photos library photojeff 248 3
by photojeff
Version identifier not found awt 137 2
by awt
Multi-TimeZone features like gps4cam? double_double 167 1
by houdah
Library is Missing Warning templogin 158 2
by templogin
Adding Capture Date to Columns gregruss55 162 1
by houdah
Method For Identifying in Finder Files Which Contain Geotag Information Kurtois 232 4
by Kurtois
Recommended GPS Tracker JarekN 283 1
by houdah
Upgrading to 5.1 - remove old iPhoto library hareand 152 1
by houdah
Feature request: Show already GPS tagged photos on map mfiorentino 145 1
by houdah
Geotag by HoudahGeo in Mac, ok to view location in iPad but not ok to view location in iPhone Ephice 166 2
by Ephice
Change Apple Photo Library to work with. Paolo 157 2
by Paolo
Houdah Geo 5.1: "Notifying libraries for xxx images" hangs (iPhoto 9.6.1) grizzdude 183 1
by houdah
JPEG with geotags, raw sibling without geotags → no coordinates in HoudahGeo bonzon 183 2
by bonzon
"No Images to Process" for "Notify Libraries" fdrdime 202 8
by fdrdime
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