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Slow loading media browser for Photos library photojeff HoudahGeo Support 127 3
by photojeff
Hard to Believe This is Not Part of HoudahSpot (HS) sbstrum HoudahSpot Support 1,376 13
by houdah
Searching mail attachments from a particular sender ttfn HoudahSpot Support 56 1
by houdah
Show Search Results in the order searched Samjs382 HoudahSpot Support 28 1
by houdah
Version identifier not found awt HoudahGeo Support 39 2
by awt
Text Highlighting in Quicklook Pane willrap HoudahSpot Support 34 1
by houdah
Searching for mail in MBOX file normc HoudahSpot Support 151 2
by normc
Filter out folders floqdesign HoudahSpot Support 79 6
by floqdesign
Multi-TimeZone features like gps4cam? double_double HoudahGeo Support 68 1
by houdah
Library is Missing Warning templogin HoudahGeo Support 50 2
by templogin
Which Data Logger are you Mac Users using? templogin HoudahGeo Support 140 2
by templogin
I want to change the margin. Hero letZi, ACTPrinter, Sudoku Uno/Duo, … 580 1
by houdah
Adding Capture Date to Columns gregruss55 HoudahGeo Support 63 1
by houdah
How can ”contains” and ”begins with” deliver such divergent results? OmarKN HoudahSpot Support 56 3
by houdah
Method For Identifying in Finder Files Which Contain Geotag Information Kurtois HoudahGeo Support 119 4
by Kurtois
Recommended GPS Tracker JarekN HoudahGeo Support 146 1
by houdah
Arrow key release is not registered causing endless repeat adamsamec Type2Phone 51 2
by adamsamec
Missing and mislabeled VoiceOver shortcuts and not able to customize them adamsamec Type2Phone 23 2
by adamsamec
customizing results pane menashehertz HoudahSpot Support 55 2
by menashehertz
Upgrading to 5.1 - remove old iPhoto library hareand HoudahGeo Support 61 1
by houdah
Feature request: Show already GPS tagged photos on map mfiorentino HoudahGeo Support 56 1
by houdah
Show file path in results list, but in reverse. houdamag HoudahSpot Support 58 2
by houdamag
License not holding houdamag HoudahSpot Support 67 1
by houdah
Symlinks aaljr HoudahSpot Support 45 2
by aaljr
Geotag by HoudahGeo in Mac, ok to view location in iPad but not ok to view location in iPhone Ephice HoudahGeo Support 67 2
by Ephice

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