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How can ”contains” and ”begins with” deliver such divergent results? OmarKN HoudahSpot Support 56 3
by houdah
Method For Identifying in Finder Files Which Contain Geotag Information Kurtois HoudahGeo Support 114 4
by Kurtois
Recommended GPS Tracker JarekN HoudahGeo Support 136 1
by houdah
Arrow key release is not registered causing endless repeat adamsamec Type2Phone 50 2
by adamsamec
Missing and mislabeled VoiceOver shortcuts and not able to customize them adamsamec Type2Phone 22 2
by adamsamec
customizing results pane menashehertz HoudahSpot Support 52 2
by menashehertz
Upgrading to 5.1 - remove old iPhoto library hareand HoudahGeo Support 59 1
by houdah
Feature request: Show already GPS tagged photos on map mfiorentino HoudahGeo Support 54 1
by houdah
Show file path in results list, but in reverse. houdamag HoudahSpot Support 56 2
by houdamag
License not holding houdamag HoudahSpot Support 63 1
by houdah
Symlinks aaljr HoudahSpot Support 43 2
by aaljr
Geotag by HoudahGeo in Mac, ok to view location in iPad but not ok to view location in iPhone Ephice HoudahGeo Support 62 2
by Ephice
Change Apple Photo Library to work with. Paolo HoudahGeo Support 55 2
by Paolo
Houdah Geo 5.1: "Notifying libraries for xxx images" hangs (iPhoto 9.6.1) grizzdude HoudahGeo Support 75 1
by houdah
JPEG with geotags, raw sibling without geotags → no coordinates in HoudahGeo bonzon HoudahGeo Support 71 2
by bonzon
can't search any file cjterrence Tembo Support 84 1
by houdah
cmd-SHIFT-v vs. iPhone autocorrect type2phone_2016 Type2Phone 65 4
by type2phone_2016
Keyboard focus bug for new searches in macOS Sierra Seanc HoudahSpot Support 120 2
by houdah
Search by Tag only Tacitus HoudahSpot Support 64 6
by Tacitus
"No Images to Process" for "Notify Libraries" fdrdime HoudahGeo Support 54 8
by fdrdime
Keyboard shortcut for iOS paolofari Type2Phone 51 3
by houdah
Problem installing Tembo 2 rickrcomm Tembo Support 55 1
by houdah
Features Request: Easier manipulation of large pictures sets tkrotchko HoudahGeo Support 55 3
by houdah
exported smart folder finds nothing Cannolo HoudahSpot Support 67 7
by houdah
How to adjust times with a GPS malfunction tkrotchko HoudahGeo Support 42 1
by houdah

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