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Delete obsolete search locations sindbad_tsf HoudahSpot Support 6 1
by houdah
List remaining Tags - feature luis HoudahSpot Support 8 4
by luis
Not finding text in some files... Drablak HoudahSpot Support 11 2
by Drablak
HoudahGeo generates really high CPU load benjcmin HoudahGeo Support 18 3
by houdah
Tags Too Deep To Be Recognized? levelbest HoudahSpot Support 10 2
by levelbest
Unable to search remote volume (mac) rick260 HoudahSpot Support 14 1
by houdah
Tagging Photos with Weather Data dbrianhendrix HoudahGeo Support 35 1
by houdah
Too Many Tabs Closed To Fast Hangs Up HoudaSpot levelbest HoudahSpot Support 77 1
by houdah
Open new search in tab instead of a new window stefhu HoudahSpot Support 110 3
by gilby
keep templates sync'd across multiple computers? rroonn HoudahSpot Support 74 2
by rroonn
Show An Error Condition For Searches On Unmounted Drives levelbest HoudahSpot Support 59 0
by levelbest
UI Scaling searchapp HoudahSpot Support 73 1
by houdah
Support for UTM coordinate system dabcca HoudahGeo Support 75 2
by dabcca
AppleScript using temples stopped working Jono HoudahSpot Support 64 0
by Jono
Just Purchased Houdah 4.0, last month. Must I re-purchase? (no email notice of upgrade) Terence HoudahSpot Support 96 2
by Terence
Houdah 5 - Sort Search Results by the criteria order? Samjs382 HoudahGeo Support 64 2
by Samjs382
upgrade dbcoldrick HoudahSpot Support 150 3
by houdah
Is there a way to enable a Quick Look preview of an Evernote note? jayelevy HoudahSpot Support 91 1
by houdah
Search inside plist file philosopherdog HoudahSpot Support 87 1
by houdah
Finding files with Extended Attributes billwmeta HoudahSpot Support 83 1
by houdah
psb support as an image? bander HoudahSpot Support 84 2
by bander
Set Houdah Spot Helper to open Main Houdah Spot window? johnmadden HoudahSpot Support 69 1
by houdah
Mounted Drives (incl. Dropbox) - Pathinformation and so on FritzB001 HoudahSpot Support 139 6
by houdah
List of available tags for a file set luis HoudahSpot Support 80 1
by houdah
need basic instructions for doing fuzzy searches gw666 HoudahSpot Support 85 1
by houdah

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