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I am starting to get how it works now. I think it makes the most sense for me to search by "Keywords & Tags". I just realized that the merge feature only applies to the search you are doing at the moment. It doesn't automatically merge all the tags on your computer when you select it. Therefore if I use another search app like Pixa or Finder that still only search one type of tag they will continue to only search that one tag type.

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I can see this is an old topic but my question relates to Mac Finder tags and the 'Keywords' metadata field present in image files.

I was very excited when I watched an old YouTube video
demonstrating the merging of Open Meta Tags and Mavericks Tags as this is pretty much what I want to accomplish. However when I tried to do it using HoudaSpot on a newer operating system, that function wasn't available.

I'm currently running MacOS Sierra 10.12 and the names of these metadata types seems to have changed but I still want this basic functionality. More precisely, I want to be able to take Tags that you can include at the file level (with the Finder) and insert/append that into the IPTC metadata field titled "Keywords" in the image file. Is that possible?

Also, if I find an older Mac running Mavericks OS, will the latest version of HoudaSpot, currently 4.3.4, give me the option to Merge data in these two fields?

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You can still download HoudahSpot 3.9 and use it to merge OpenMeta and Finder tags.

HoudahSpot cannot edit IPTC metadata. You might be able to copy Finder tags to IPTC keywords using the excellent ExifTool (command line only)

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