I'm a registered user of Houdahspot 3.7.4 and have just updated to 3.7.5. After update and restart Houdahspot, it asked me to update templates, I click yes.
Suddenly, it crash, and the crash report is enclosed here for your reference. So I have to revert to 3.7.4. And when I revert to 3.7.4 by replacing 3.7.5 with the old 3.7.4, the problem still persist.
When I click Bring Houdahspot to front from Houdahspot Menu bar, Houdahspot pop up a dialog that it crash and do I want to reopen it or not? When I click reopen, it crash again over and over. So ending up I cannot use Houdahspot 3.7.4
Help please. Instruct me how can I solve this problem and get Houdahspot up and running again. My Mac is a MBPR 15 inches running OSX 10.8.3
I have enclosed crash report and proof of purchase here for your reference
Sanchai Thiewprasertkul
Bangkok, Thailand
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I have re-released HoudahSpot 3.7.5 to work with FinderPop:

Please grab a fresh copy of HoudahSpot.

Pierre Bernard
Houdah Software s.à r.l.
Houdah Software s. à r. l.

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