I found the photos geotagged and uploaded by HoudahGeo won't automatically show on Flickr map, and the tag format is different than photos taken and uploaded by Shozu & Nokia N82.

tags by Shozu:


tags by HoudahGeo:


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As far as I understand the Flickr map it has 2 ways of mapping photos.

- The old way with the so called 'machine tags', the way you describe.
- The new way with the geo EXIF data in the photos.

The second one seems the best option as it doesn't clutter your keywords and stores the coordinates there where they belong, in the right EXIF fields. HoudaGeo does write to these fields and Flickr does map the photo's with such data (it's the main reason I use HoudaGeo).

I think you need to enable the 'read geo data from EXIF' thing in you Flickr settings so that may explain why it seems your photo's aren't mapped. I think Flickr disabled this by default.

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"Me" describes the situation pretty well. Thanks "Me"!

HoudahGeo supports both methods: machine tags & EXIF data.

For Flickr to read EXIF data, you need to enable said option in the privacy settings of your Flickr account.

I will investigate the difference between geo:lon and geo:long tags. This may very well be a bug. Thanks for pointing it out.

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I had the same question – thanks for the info. on the privacy preference. This [url=]direct link to the preference[/url] looks like it should work for other users.

By way of flickr's map F.A.Q., I found [url="]a blurb[/url] that "A geo:long= or geo:lon= tag" is acceptable.
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