This newbie is a willing goat. I can't seem to get ACTPrint to print to my iPod as expected. On my Mac I get the "Save PDF to iPhone" print option. What happens, though, is that the PDF is saved to iPhoto in a separate "Album." That "Album" is specified to sync with my iPod Touch but that's the way I have to find the documents: iPod > Photos > Album. Then I see the documents. When I use the path iPod > ACTPrinter > Printouts there are no documents.

Please tell me where I'm going wrong.

Also, is there a way to specify, i.e., increase the clarity of my documents? I've got the space on my iPod.

Thanks, Rick

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Thank you for your business.

You need to download and install ACTPrinter Mac. Launch it manually once so it can finish installation. This will install the "Print to iPhone" PDF service.

For printing to work, ACTPrinter needs to be running on your iPhone.

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Many thanks. My confusion over ACTPrint and ACTPrinter Mac. Had the former via iTunes store but not the latter from Houdah. It all works fine, now. I look good in goat.
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ACTPrinter 2.0 finally adds full support for Microsoft Windows XP , Vista and 7. Customers may now print from their Windows PC to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. An AppCraver review once read “A Must-Have For Every iPhone With a Mac”


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