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so i think the whole idea of ACTPrinter is terrific. everything installed fine, but when i try and print on the mac, i get nothing. the app tries to launch, but i'm afraid it's conflicting with some other piece of software. my menu bar blinks once, but that's all i get.

i was successful printing to a PDF and dropping it on the ACTPrinter icon - things worked fine, there. but i already have software that can get files from my mac to my iphone, so it kind of defeats the purpose.

any suggestions?
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Sorry to hear you have troubles with ACTPrinter.

Where have you installed ACTPrinter Mac? The Applications folder is best.

Could you please check on ~/Library/PDF Services/Print to iPhone.workflow?
The last action in that workflow should open the PDF using ACTPrinter. Does the ACTPrinter icon show correctly?

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