We have a new beta version of ACTPrinter for Mac 3.1.

The main enhancement to version 3.1 is the "Saved Printouts" tab.
You can send printouts here from ACTPrinter 4.2 running on your iPhone or iPad.

The printouts lists has contextual menus (right-click or control-click).
From here you can move printouts to the print queue.

ACTPrinter for Mac 3.1 also supports QuickLook: hit the Space bar to open a preview of the printout.

Double-click a printout to open the PDF file in or in Adobe Reader.

Please grab a copy of the the beta and let us know what you think:

BETA NO LONGER AVAILABLE: ACTPrinter for Mac 3.1 has been released and is available from

*** We would love to hear your feedback and bug reports.
*** Please don't hesitate writing in. No matter how bad or minor the bug.

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