ACTPrinter works fine for me as far as getting the files onto my iphone. The problem now is that I can't view the files on my iphone without the app freezing up on me.  I have put about 12 files on my iphone. There are 5 documents (all 2 pages or less) and 7 pics (all under 70 KB). When I open the app and try to view the files, it shows me the thumbnails of all of my docs. But when I try to scroll down to view all the docs, the app starts to get really laggy, and then it just freezes all together.  I can not select anything on the screen, and I can't even exit out of the app. I need to force quit the app just to get back to my iphone home screen. This has been an issue for about 3 months now, and the latest update (1.5.2) did nothing to resolve this. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Or is it just an unresolved issue with the app?
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The problems you describe are usually caused by having very large printout files. Could you please check the file sizes which ACTPrinter reports?

Indeed, images may grow in size when converted to PDF for use by ACTPrinter. We are working on an update to ACTPrinter Mac to work around this issue.

An bug-fix update to ACTPrinter is also about to be released. The current version crashed when deleting printouts. Unfortunately, printouts afterwards only appear to have been deleted. They keep using disk space. You may reclaim the space by deleting and re-installing ACTPrinter.

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