First up, I would like to offer praise to the developers of the ACTPrinter app for the iPhone - an app that's very useful and practical, and does its fair share of making the world greener

Just had a quick go setting it up, and everything looks good!  But two thoughts came to my mind after having a play:

- Full screen preview: any chance of adding such an option in?  Screen real estate is one thing - but being able to view a file/document with no other visual elements/distractions would be best.  Just like how it is with the on-board Photos viewer, where the top and bottom menu dialogs can appear/disappear with the simple tap on the screen - and that would make it perfect!

- A "default" print setting: It's great that I have the option to choose which iPhone or iPod Touch device to print to.  But for those of us who only has one device to work with, or would prefer zero interaction after selecting "print to iPhone" (i.e. not requiring to confirm which device to print to), would it be a good idea to offer an option to make a workflow to print directly to a particular device?  For example, subsequent to "Print to iPhone", an entry like "Print to John's iPhone" would be very neat!

Once again, a great piece of software nevertheless!
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Thanks for the feedback.

The next version of ACTPrinter has already been submitted to Apple. It includes a full screen view in landscape orientation.

I'll keep the other suggestion around for future versions.

Pierre Bernard
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