I have been using ACTPrinter on my iPhone and iPad without a problem until I responded to a pop up message on the iPad saying a newer version of the software was available and gave the website address. I went to the website and downloaded the latest version of ACTPrinter for Mac OSX (Ver1.4)and it hasn't worked on my iPad or iPhone since. I have read everything I can find on the internet but haven't found any info.
When I click the Print to iPhone in the drop down box it shows the progress bar as printing the pages but it doesn't open the ACTPrinter window in the Mac which it usually does and shows whatever I have ACTPrinter open on, either the iPhone or iPad.

Can you please help me out with this as I need to be able to print out these files for my business and this is becoming a real worry.
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I read a previous thread explaining to make an alias of the ACTPrinter in Applications and move it to the Library-PDF Services? folder so I did that then I noticed that the same folder exists in both libraries and that alias already existed in my users folder library already but I went ahead anyway and emptied the trash and restarted the computer to find that in the print window drop down box I now have Print to iPhone twice in the menu. I tried printing again from the new addition of Print to iPhone and it worked! I printed to my iPad no problem! I tried again clicking on the old Print to iPhone in the drop down menu but it just showed it was printing the pages on a progress bar which disappears then nothing else happens. I don't know how to go about deleting the original one as it no longer works but I am happy that the new one does. I hope this makes some sense.
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Glad you were able to figure out a solution!

Indeed, ACTPrinter installs an alias to itself in the ~/Library/PDF Services folder. Unfortunately, this seems to fail for some users upgrading from prior versions.

You may trash the extra / damaged alias using the Finder. In order to be able to delete the one from /Library/PDF Services, you will however need administrator rights.

Services installed in /Library are available to all users. Services installed in ~/Library are available only to you.

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