ACTPrinter works great on my macbook.  It works on one of two of my machines with Windows XP and on one of two of my machines with Windows Vista, and it does not work on my machine with Windows 7.  On all of the windows machines where it does not work the behavior is similar or the same.  The software (ACTPrinter Win 2.1) seems to install okay, though there may be some variation with the installation of bonjour.  After installation on the machines where it does not work, the printer dialogue appears with files pending to be printed, and after I turn on my iphone, the iphone is recognized, but when I click okay to print the queed documents, the documents are not sent to the iphone, and the ACTPrinter icon disappears from the taskbar and has to be reloaded with the same documents pending to be printed.  I have not been able to determine the common factor with the machines that work or do not work. On all of the windows machines where the software works and does not work the ACTPrinter software is installed without disabling the user account control or the various anitvirus programs.  It seems to me that a well designed installer should not require disabling the user account control or any anitvirus programs.  Any information and help with this program not working on some windows machines would be appreciated.  Thanks for your help.
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Thank you for contacting us for support.

Our installer does not (usually) require you to change any UAC settings or anti-virus settings, although, in some cases where systems are locked down really tightly modifications are needed to use our program.  Most often it is to allow bonjour traffic through the firewall.

In your case, I do not anticipate that this is the issue because your iOS device seems to be detected on your computer without a problem.

I believe the companion program is crashing based on what you have explained, therefore, I have a couple questions which will help determine where the crash resides.

I will contact you via private message so I can provide my email address for more information.

Thank you,
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Thanks for your interest.  I have sent to you at your email address three pdf files that would not print from a windows xp machine.  I first sent the files to an incorrect email address but then forwarded what I hope is a copy of the message and attached files from the message failure message.  I hope you get the files.  If not, please let me know.  As I indicated in a private message, all of the pdf files from all of the windows computers that would not print with actprinter are different files.  Thanks for your help.


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