I have successfully installed the iPad software and the Windows client app (v2.1) - it does show up as an available printer which I can print to.  Upon printing the window opens showing the job is waiting to be sent, but my iPad is not shown as being available (despite everything bing on the same wifi network - contrary to the information on the website).  I have turned the Firewall off but to no avail.

Any suggestions?  From anyone?

iPad 1 / Windows 7 32bit

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There are 3 main reasons why an iOS device does not show up as a selection once a document is printed.  Please check each one and let me know.

1). Make sure the ACTPrinter app is opened

2)  Could you make sure that both devices are on the same network?  (You said they are)
I.e. the Airport Express/router needs to be set to bridge from Ethernet to WiFi rather then to creating a new network.

3)  Please ensure that bonjour addresses are not blocked within your software or router firewalls: UDP port 5353 for Bonjour's Multicast DNS.  It could be that your router is blocking the bonjour communication)

Also, if you could provide some additional information:

-Windows OS (XP, Vista, Win 7)
-32 or 64 bit
-Antivirus Software
-Firewall Software
-Router Brand and Model Number

Thank you!
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Thanks for the reply.

Both devices are connected via WiFi

The App was open on the iPad

I am running Windows 7, 32 bit OS

I am using BT NetProtect Plus / McAfee for both Anti-Virus and Firewall - updated with latest definitions etc.

The ADSL Modem/Router is a TP Link TD-W8951ND - less than 6 months old

I have opened the UDP and TCP port 5353 on the McAfee firewall on the PC with the Windows Client Printer software installed.

Hope this helps track down the issue.
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I installed ACTPrinter Win this past weekend, and it allowed me to send 1 document to my iPad 2.  Since then I get the error message "gswin32c.exe" has stopped working.  I have reinstalled the application several times on my HP dV7 laptop running Windows 7, but to no avail...still does not work.  Any suggestions or similar issues?
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This program is used by PDF printer, however, we do not use ghostscript with our printer. My guess would be since it is on your system it is being used automatically because it is registered on the system. Can you try to re-install ghostscript lite or unistall it completely?

Let us know,
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Sorted!!  Had to open another port on the Router - took some time to find the correct setting but the app is now working - looks good to me!
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