I found quite a lot of the time I add search attributes to HoudahSpot searches that aren't in the default list (not too sure what it's called, see the attached "default search terms" image. So I have to click on Other and find them in the larger list.

It's really useful with Finder searches as it lets you add specific search attributes to the main list (see the "Finder date added" image). 

Any chance of something like that for HoudahSpot in the future?
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HoudahSpot handles this situation using the concept of "Preferred Template".

Just add the criteria to a search. Save the search as a template and then use HoudahSpot preferences to set this template as your Preferred Template. New searches are cloned from this template.

You do not need to keep the criterion visible in your template. Once an attribute has been used, it will be offered as default attribute for that search / template. You may thus safely remove the criterion and still keep the attribute handy for further searches using that template.

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Ah, so if I add them to my default template and re-save it as the default template it will have them all the time?

That's excellent, thanks.
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