Is it possible to add a tag to a selection of files without resetting the tags those files may already have?

E.g. add a tag tagC to multiple files:
Was before: fileA is tagged tagA and fileB is tagged tagB. 
Want after:  fileA is tagged (tagA,tagC) and fileB is tagged (tagB,tagC).

Similarly is this possible for deleting a tag?

I can't figure out how to do this.  If HoudahSpot does not provide this feature, what is a good app for this?


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To add a tag to a selection of files, drag the files to the tag name in the Tray.

To remove a tag, hold the option key while dropping the files on the tag name.

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Thank you Pierre for explaining the procedures for adding/removing a tag without influencing other tags. I got it to work. I'll experiment some more with it.
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