before I start shooting photos I usually take a photo from the screen of my GPS device to have the exact current time and being able to geotag accordingly to my GPX files the device is logging. Being back home I import my photos into Aperture (up to now) and Aperture offers an easy way to align the time of the photo down to a second and not only timezone wise (engl. Screenshot/ger. Screenshot). My workflow can be found here in at my (engl ./ger .) blog. Starting from 2013 I will make usage of Lightroom instead of Aperture and LR doesn't have such an easy and nice feature as it only allows adjustments in hours.

Geotagging is always done by HoudahGeo and I know that when I select an image (or afterwards) I can change the time set but I need to search for the image that holds the photo of the GPS device screen and I need to make a calculation to match the correct time, so I wonder if HoudahGeo could be improved here?
Many thanks in advance.
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Hi Joerg!

Thank you for the feedback.

I will see if I can add a similar feature to HoudahGeo.

HoudahGeo uses a different approach to configuring the camera time zone and clock offset. This is actually equally easy.

When importing images into HoudahGeo you will need to look at the time currently displayed on the camera. HoudahGeo shows what it expects the camera to show. You then adjust the clock offset for both values to match.

This approach has the advantage of not requiring you to take a picture of your GPS device. BTW many GPS devices don't have a display.

The disadvantage of HoudahGeo's approach is that you need to make sure not to change the camera clock settings between the moment you shoot your pictures and the moment you import them into HoudahGeo.

Pierre Bernard
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