I have been using HoudahGeo to geotag photos taken in my home time zone (GMT) for around 6 months, and it is a great application. I am planning a 3 week trip to South America this winter and plan to take my AMOD GPS tracker along with my camera. I see that there are quite a few posts related to time zones, and I would like to confirm that I understand my options before I depart.

I understand that the GPS unit records the tracks using GPS time, which is effectively GMT (plus around 15 seconds). If I set my camera clock to GMT, then I have no issues with geotagging as the photos and the GPS data will be recorded in the same time zone. However, the time (and possibly date) recorded in the photo metadata will not reflect the local time (and date) when the photo was taken.

I would prefer to have the timestamps in the photos in local time to reflect when they were actually taken. I understand that I need to set a single timezone for a whole project. 
  • If I do set my camera clock to the local time zone where I am photographing, in order to successfully geotag my photos, is it as simple as setting the correct timezone (e.g. GMT -4) during the import of the photos to HoudahGeo?
  • If the above is correct, what time will be displayed on the geotagged photos when their EXIF data is updated - will they retain the original camera time (i.e. local) or will this be updated to GMT? Is the time zone adjustment during import to HoudahGeo only applied during the tagging process?
Thanks in advance for any advice.

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You may indeed set the camera clock to which ever time zone you prefer. At the time of import into HoudahGeo, you just need to specify which one you picked.

Times within HoudahGeo will be displayed using the time zone selected in the menu at the top right corner of the main window. By default, that will be your computer time zone. You may also select your camera time zone to be used for display. In that event, timestamps shown will match what you saw on the camera.

During EXIF/XMP export, you get the option to have HoudahGeo write the fully qualified timestamp. You may however switch that off to leave timestamps untouched.

If you do export fully qualified timestamps, it will be up to the viewer application to decide how to display those timestamps. Most will use your computer time zone. Thus timestamps may not match what you saw on the camera.

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Thanks for the clear response Pierre.
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