It appears gps4cam is no longer being developed.

What is a good alternative for use on iOS? I do use GaiaGPS, so it's pretty easy to track with that, but I really liked the QR Code method of synching camera and clock time that gps4cam used. Anything like that in an app that is currently being developed?
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For the purpose of HoudahGeo, any app that creates a GPX track log file works.

gps4cam has the added advantage of the QR code allowing for easy file transfer and for camera clock sync.

A track logging app that saves to iCloud drive or Dropbox could also provide easy file transfer. I don’t know which app support this.
I have never seen an app other than gps4cam that could help with clock sync.

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Why don't you guys buy GPS4cam ?
As it is no longer developped, it should not be expensive and the QR method has no equivalent !
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