Hi, basically I have a load of photos and a gpx file in a folder (I want to create something I can put on Google Earth/maps).

I load the photos and then the gpx, another window opens and I have a track window, but then what?  I'm sure I've made a track before and photos have been instantly added to the track (gps clock matched to cam clock).

Can't work out what's happening

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Both your photos and track logs need to meet in the same project. Use toolbar buttons from "step 1" to load your photos. Use the second toolbar button from "step 2" to load the track logs.

The photos will be automatically geocoded if they are found to match the track logs. For this you need to have specified the correct camera time zone.

A track log window opens to show you the time spans covered by the imported track logs. Compare those timestamps to the ones in the project window to see if your photos fall within the times pans covered by your track logs. If not, you either grabbed the wrong track log files or specified the wrong camera time zone. Use "Camera Setup" to adjust camera time zone.

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Thank for the quick response.  The camera clock wasn't set for daylight saving time in the UK! Should be fine now 
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