It would be handy to have HS auto-quit after I open what I've found with it. This could work nicely in the General Prefs with a checkbox below "Quit on close of last window" called "Quit on open of found item" or some such. It would save the step of quitting HS or closing the window after I've found what I'm looking for.

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Thanks for the feedback.

This is indeed an interesting idea. I wonder how many users would like to see this feature.

Pierre Bernard
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I'm glad you like the idea, and thanks for considering it. I'm no coder, but I can't imagine it'd be that hard to implement. Having HS auto-quit would, at least for me, truly make it a powerful and seamless replacement for Spotlight (which, like other finder helpers like the wonderful Namely, also disappears after you've found and opened what you want).

I'd bet many folks have no need for HS to remain open after serving its function, but I hope few postings here wouldn't stop Houdah from adding this feature!

Thanks again.
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I'm putting my vote in for this feature!
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I support the suggestion.

And please add a time feature "quit after xx minutes doing nothing" if this is possible.
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