I think the Spotlight window search in Leopard has taken a step backwards, so am looking for an alternative. I've taken a look at HoudahSpot & it looks good. I'm thinking of buying it but would like to see some things in there. Is there any chance of the following:

Firstly it’s only superficial but I really don’t like the non standard yellow in the UI (sorry ).
Is there any chance of having normal blue & graphite colour options for the title bars in HoudahSpot? (That could be selected in Preferences).

It would be great if you could display results in groups (with an option to display them in icon view, as well as the existing list view) the same way in was in 10.4 Tiger. It was very easy to get to all the different files you wanted to. This would allow you quickly collapse & expand groups you want to show or hide & easily distinguish different kinds of files.

At the moment the search options on the left take up quite a lot of width. It would be great if you could make the main search field (Name) wider. At the moment it’s difficult to see what you’re typing if you type more than one word.
For example have the search field on it’s own row at the top, then have the drop down list below as it is now to select Kind, Last Opened, Modified etc... (More like it is in Leopard’s standard Spotlight Finder window).

One other thing. TextExpander expanded abbreviations don't work in the Blitz Search (but do in the main HoudahSpot window). Would be great if that was fixed.

Anyway, great work on the app so far!
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Thanks for your interest in HoudahSpot.

- I am sorry you don't like the yellow accents. There are no plans to change or remove those

- The list view in HoudahSpot is actually a powerful alternative to the group view. You have several ways narrowing down on the desired result:

1. Sorting: click column headers to sort. Once the list is sorted, items are easier to locate.
2. The filter field in the top right corner of the window.
3. Find by example: drag a file from the list onto a criterion to narrow down the search

- I had to strike a balance between name field width and vertical alignment. I migt revisit that.

- The BlitzSearch field uses a lot of hacks to work around bugs in Leopard. It attempts to simulate most of the behavior of a standard text field. Yet it will always be lacking - at least until those bugs get fixed.

Pierre Bernard
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Thanks a lot for you reply
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