Today, after OSX (10.8.2) and Aperture (3.4) update, Aperture Library is listed twice in upper left pane of HoudahGeo. See attached image
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I have just updated to Aperture 3.4. I have not yet had the opportunity to fully test HoudahGeo with the new versions of Aperture and iPhoto. The instructions below however will fix the issue with the Aperture library being listed twice.

Here is the short reply:

1. In the Finder, hold down the option key and select Library from the Go menu
2. Delete the following file: ~/Library/Preferences/
3. Run Aperture (and iPhoto) so the file is recreated and filled with the correct information

The longer version:

When Preview sharing is enabled, Aperture maintains an XML file with information about the library, the projects, … and the preview images. There is one such ApertureData.xml file for each library. The ~/Library/Preferences/ holds a list of these files.

It seems that with the Aperture 3.4 update this file is moved to a Sandbox container. The now lists both the old and new files causing HoudahGeo to display the same library twice. You could fix this issue by editing the PLIST to remove the old entry.

The side note:

Updating to Aperture 3.4 was a pain. I would, for now, recommend against it. After the update my copy of Aperture would crash on launch. On the next launch it would offer to repair the library and crash again once it has finished doing so.

A quick Googling revealed that for some the update process has corrupted the application bundle. The suggested solution is to re-download Aperture from the MAS.
My problem is that I purchased the DVD version of Aperture and thus cannot download the full version from the MAS. And I did not quite feel like searching for the original DVD.

So I kept digging and came across this blog post linking the problem to Facebook integration.
The suggested solution worked for me:

1. Remove Facebook from System Preferences > Main, Contacts & Calendars. Actually I did not yet have my Facebook account listed there.
2. Open the Aperture library using iPhoto.
3. Go to iPhoto > Preferences > Accounts and remove the Facebook account
4. Delete ~/Library/Preferences/
5. Quit iPhoto and launch Aperture

Pierre Bernard

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Thank you, Pierre, for your answer.
The fix that you suggested worked for me and, now, Aperture Library is listed once in HoudahGeo.
Luckily, in my case, Aperture update to 3.4 didn't cause major troubles!
Best Regards
Raimondo Di Bella
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