When HoudahGeo starts the Aperture library appears as it ought to and I can drag images to the image pane.  However after a while the Aperture library just disappears.  All that remains is the Aperture heading with nothing beneath it.  The iPhoto library continues to work OK.  My only workaround is to restart HoudahGeo.  It's possible this problem only occurs when Aperture is also open at the same time as HoudahGeo.  Any suggestions?  (HoudahGeo 3.0.3, Aperture 3.2.2, OS X 10.7.2)
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This was an issue in some versions of HoudahGeo 3.0: The Aperture library would disappear if it detects a change made by Aperture. The most recent versions should now correctly reload the library to reflect the latest changes.

Please try updating to the latest version of HoudahGeo.

Pierre Bernard
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Thanks, turns out I had 3.0.3 and right now it's updating to 3.0.6.  I'll see how it goes.  I had assumed I had the latest version because I had "check for updates on startup" selected but obviously it had not been doing that properly.
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