We have over 3000 old biological samples (circa 1980s) photos that need to be geocoded. The lats and lons are recorded in a txt file. An applescript is desirable to merge the old photos with the coords. I have a question on the possibility of writing to the lat and lon columns for HoudahGeo.

A very simplistic script is used below which simply writes the coords "55.67" and "-65.43" to the first 3 records of a file.
Can you correct this script?


tell application "HoudahGeo"
        tell document 1
                repeat with i from 1 to 3
                        set the latitude of item i to "55.67"
                        set the longitude of item i to "-65.43"
                end repeat
        end tell
end tell
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HoudahGeo is not the right tool for your task.

You should try writing a shell script to invoke the open-source exiftool. This should get you to the desired result pretty easily.

Pierre Bernard
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