Hi I love the new applescript support but wanted to know how to use to connect to  specific device as I have an iphone and ipad, here is what I have so far:
[CODE]tell application "Type2Phone"         reconnect end tell[/CODE]

I wondered how to set the iphone name in the script as I'm an apple script novice?
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The syntax is:

[CODE]tell application "Type2Phone"         reconnect "My iPhone" end tell[/CODE]

I am an AppleScript novice myself. What I have not yet figured out how to represent special characters in the device name. E.g. the apostrophe in "Pierre Bernard's iPad".

Pierre Bernard
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That's great thanks for the quick reply.

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If you're looking for a quick way to switch back and forth between your iOS device and Mac, you can use that AppleScript with Keyboard Maestro to set it up via hotkeys.

More details and screenshots here.
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Hi. AppleScript? where can we get one of these?
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