I use both a PC and MAC to do GeoReferencing.  Still trying to figure out the best as the GPS I use mainly (Delorme PN-40) does not have any MAC support.  I use RoboGeo and it is great.   I have used HoudahGeo and it is very good also.  One thing on RoboGeo that I do not see in HoudahGeo is the ability to add voice dictation to a photo.  See quote from their help file below.  Is this available in HoudahGeo and if not is it being considered?

 "Using any modern digital voice recorder, you can associate audio files with the photos. Simply record the dictation after taking a photo and the program will automatically match it with the correct photo."

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This is currently not supported by HoudahGeo. Nor are there any plans (yet) to do so.

How does RoboGeo link the audio to the photo? I am not aware of any EXIF or XMP metadata field providing for this.

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Here is a link to their help page where they explain how it is done.  Does not look like it would be hard to implement and would be a good addition to a great product...

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