Is there an Automator action for HoudahSpot?

I was wanting to automate searching for specific files on the Desktop while excluding some folders, and then moving them to different folders. But the built in actions are quite simple and don't allow as much control as HoudahSpot.

I mean something like "Get Results of HoudahSpot Search" where you'd then select a previously saved HoudahSpot search in the Automator action. The action could then pass on the search results to move or copy the files elsewhere. In fact the possibilities of what you could do with the search results would be endless.

Is there already something like this available somewhere?
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There are no Automator actions for HoudahSpot. There is however AppleScript API to access the search results.

While you cannot control the setup of the query using AppleScript, you may get the results from a currently displayed HoudahSpot window and process those.

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Do you have an example AppleScript that would get the search results of a file called "work documents.hspot" that I could paste into Automator's "Run AppleScript" action, which would then pass the results onto the next Automator action?
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