In the actual HoudahSpot implementation the width of the columns appearing in the search results portion of the HS window doesn't change when we hide the query pane.
It would be instead useful if the columns would be proportionally resized to fit the space previously occupied by the query pane, thus telling HS to automatically perform an "Auto-size all columns" every time we hide/show the query pane would be perfect.
Moreover, as already requested in other topics of this forum please consider adding a toolbar button to show/hide the query pane.
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Auto-sizing the columns would break the expected behavior for those who manually size the columns.

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No, at all.
Consider that I have resized most columns and even enabled additional columns in my templates and saved searches. I have tried to use the "auto-size all columns" feature already present in HS after I hide or show the query pane and the columns size remains consistent, indeed they return to their original width if you do the following: hide query > auto-size columns > show query > auto-size columns.
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