Downloaded. Tried. Loved it! 

Thank you for this awesome piece of software 

If there is ANY chance, please add EMOJI Support, maybe a click row or something, but it would be really really nice to have that support. 

Also an option to disable scrolling and just have a plain text field on the Mac would be nice as well.
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Thanks for the feedback.

The next update will offer a way to completely disable the text display on the Mac.

I don't think EMOJI support will be possible. Type2Phone emulates a keyboard. It can only send those characters actually mapped to a keyboard key.

Pierre Bernard
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Pierre is correct. After poking around a bit, I see there is no (publicly documented) support for accessing the Emoji keyboard via a bluetooth device. But there's a trick in iOS 5 that could help you.

In the Keyboard settings panel you can define text shortcuts. So you could, in theory, make a shortcut for all your favorite Emoji symbols. You could probably just do a bbcode-style mapping of them all. It would requre a lot of time, though.

It's a shame that the Emoji support in Lion doesn't map an iOS device. Or maybe it does and Type2Phone, or the bluetooth driver is messing something up? See, why can't I drag these into the window and have them work (you can only see these in Lion)? 

Edit: Previewing the message on the forum showed Emoji, but posting it caused them to go away. Ah well. Point is still valid.
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