If I search for "AutoUpdate.fmplugin" (a FileMaker Pro plug-in), the only appearance of this filename in the Tembo 1.5.2 results is an alias to an actual plug-in.

I thought this might be because a FileMaker plug-in "file" is actually an OS X package. But Tembo has no problem finding OmniOutliner documents, which are also packages.

Both Spotlight and HoudahSpot show FileMaker plug-ins.

-- Ward
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Apple uses Universal Type Identifiers (UTIs) to identify file types. These identifiers form a hierarchy. A JPEG file is thus not only of type public.jpeg, but also of type public.image. This allows for the creation of groups in Tembo.

When you create a file however, you only specify a file name extension. The application owning that file type needs to provide the system with the matching UTI information.

When no UTI is found, a dynamic UTI is created and assigned: dyn.someGibberish123

By default, Tembo excludes files with a dynamic UTI. These are mostly system files of no interest to most users. You may remove this exclusion in Tembo > Preferences > Advanced.

My assumption is that Filemaker failed to provide a UTI declaration for their plug-ins. This would explain why they are not showing.

Other users have reported the same issue with Adobe InDesign files. Hence the option to configure exclusions.

Pierre Bernard
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