I am presently investigating a switch to Aperture (2.1.3) and therefore checking my workflow. The following observations were made:
1. Case A: RAW-files (NEF) geotagged with HoudahGeo prior import into Aperture, no problems, exported masters and versions hold the GPS-Information
2. Case B: RAW-files (NEF) imported into Aperture, Geotagged with HoudahGeo after import (via "add images from library"), images hold the GPS-information (displayed in metadata after refresh of EXIF-info), "show in maps" work also, but: only the exported master hold the GPS-data, not the exported version,
Any ideas?
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I would guess Aperture creates the versions lazily. I.e. if you don't do any adjustments to the image after geocoding it, it will keep the version around and use it for export. Thus, I'd think if you do any adjustments to the image in Aperture, you will see the GPS data show on export.

Of course, you may also let HoudahGeo tag the version. That however is usually a waste as versions will be scratched as soon as you make adjustments.

I would argue this is a bug in Aperture "Reload metadata from EXIF" should be considered a change that triggers the re-creation of the image's versions. Please report to

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I agree, this seems to be a bug in Aperture, therefore I sent a bug report already yesterday. Still hoped, that there might be a workaround.
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This is a bug in Aperture export.  The only workaround I've found is 'case A' as you describe above.  Photo originals must be geotagged before importing to Aperture.
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I have just checked that issue with the free Aperture PlugIn "Maperture". Same result, seems to be a bug in Aperture.
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