I have been using the QStarz 1300 and HoudahGeo for a while now with great success, but I would like to get something with a *display*

I am looking at the Bushnell D-Tour. The software does not seem to output normal files but some wierd proprietary format. It uses the SiRF Star III GPS chip. Can HoudahGeo read it directly?
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It probably won't. HoudahGeo relies mostly on gpsBabel to connect script by Hartmut Schimmel to connect to SiRF-based iTrackU devices. But none of the supported devices seem to be related to the Bushnell D-Tour.

If the Bushnell D-Tour comes with Mac software, this will probably have an option to export GPX or NMEA files. These can be processes by HoudahGeo.

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I have a support email into bushnell, but it appears they only support the proprietary file type, and storing you data in *their* cloud.

I am guessing it is not a good fit to HoudahGeo. I guess I will try to make a little bluetooth dongle to provide a display for the 1300
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