I'm on HoudahSpot 5.1.1, the latest.

By default, HoudahSpot's search results only show the 'Name' column, and not 'file Name'. This is incredibly annoying. Many audio files I search have a totally different metadata tag name than their file name, which is what I want I'm really searching for.

I can manually add 'File Name' to the columns list and drag it to the front like I want, but on restart HoudahSpot doesn't save the column view that I used!

Possible to introduce code to save one's choice of column view??
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File > Save as Default

Read more: Customize Your HoudahSpot Search Setup

New in HoudahSpot 5:

When you add a column from the View > Columns > More Columns… list, you can click the Update Menu in Default Setup button to save your column selection to the default setup.
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Thank you!!
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