The menu on the dock has saved searches and templates so I can't understand why the Finder menu would only have half of that? I used saved searches a lot so it would be nice if they were available from the menu.
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I see a bit of a conflict between the intended use of a saved search and the purpose of the Finder toolbar item.

A saved search is meant to be re-used as-is and to evolve as you make adjustments and save the search. HoudahSpot actually suggests you save the search when you close the window.

The Finder toolbar item is attached to a Finder window and is used to start a search within the folder currently shown in Finder. When you select a HoudahSpot template from the Finder toolbar the settings of that template are applied to a new search in HoudahSpot. The search locations however are ignored. These get replaced by the Finder selection.

If the Finder toolbar item were to list saved searches, selecting such a search could take on two different meanings:

1. HoudahSpot could simply re-open the saved search. You can do the same from the Dock icon and the global menu item. There would be no link to the current Finder window. There would thus be no real reason to have the recent searches listed there. The behavior would be in contrast to the behavior of templates that do pick up the Finder selection.

2. HoudahSpot could modify the saved search to replace its search locations with the Finder selection. Later HoudahSpot would suggest you save changes you made to the saved search. You may thus have inadvertently modified a saved search.
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I actually didn't even realize that the menu in the Finder only dealt with the currently selected folder. Now that you mention it that can be a useful way of working to narrow by a particular folder. I would still be fine with a Finder drop down that had the templates as they currently work now and also add in saved search that goes beyond the currently selected folder.

There are some templates in the Finder menu which don't come up with results such as searching for applications in most any folder other then your applications folder. In cases like that I would say the saved search would make more sense then some particular templates like those. I guess what I have a problem with is every other location shows both and I always have to stop and think which location I am in before attempting to run a saved search. I just think it should be the kind of thing you don't need to think about.
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