Hi there,

I've just upgraded to HoudahGeo3.0.3 on Lion 10.7.2 and iPhoto '09 (8.1.2). It's a very nice upgrade.

But I cannot save any changes to keywords either to iPhoto or to a test file. There is no keyword check-box on the EXIF/XMP Export dialog.

Also, is it possible to save window state between sessions? Whenever I restart the software I have to re-size the window then re-size the columns.

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Export of keywords to EXIF/XMP should work. I can see the checkbox here. It is the third from the bottom.

Export of keywords to iPhoto/Aperture is not yet implemented. The checkbox was included in error. This feature was meant for a later release. Actually, I am not yet sure if it is feasible to pass on keywords to iPhoto or Aperture.

I'll try to add state saving with the next update.

Pierre Bernard
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Hi Pierre,

Thanks re state saving.

Ignoring iPhoto/Aperture, for some reason when I hit the EXIF/XMP Export button, I see no Keyword option. 3rd from the bottom for me is "Spotlight Comments". I'll email you a screenshot.


EDIT: Never mind, I fixed it. Deleted preferences and the keyword option appeared. Works fine.

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