I've been using HoudahGeo for a long time, but this is the first time that I've tried tagging photos already within my Aperture library and it's not working.  First, I notice that all the files are shown as .jpg even though they are actually raw files (.pef).  Then, when I try to export the tags back to Aperture, I get an error that says:

"Image XXXXX.jpg is of an unsupported file type"

I also tried navigating to the files within the Aperture library and adding them into HoudahGeo from the Finder.  This time the files do show up as .pef files, but I still get the "unsupported file type" error.

I've been using .pefs for years and haven't had a problem before, though I used to use a different workflow (first tag the files, then import into iPhoto).

Any suggestions?

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For this workflow, it is normal for HoudahGeo to reference JPG files. These are the previews generated by Aperture. They contain all image corrections made in Aperture. HoudahGeo needs these JPG files for Google Earth export, Flickr, Locr and EveryTrail upload.

During EXIF export - if the tag masters/originals option is selected - HoudahGeo will work its way from the JPG preview to the PEF master file.

PEF files should indeed be fully supported.
Could you email me a sample file so I can give this a test run?

Pierre Bernard
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