I can't seem to successfuly import into Lightroom 2.5. Here is my workflow: open Lightroom, drag CR2 files into HoudahGeo 2.3.5, import track logs, choose "Write Exif/XMP tags", check "Selected images only", check "Geocoded images only", uncheck "Tag master", uncheck "Create copies", and check "Always write XMP sidecar". Then I go back to Lightroom /Library/Metadata/ and choose "Read Metadata from File". I am looking for the GPS info in the Metadata column on the right under "All", "EXIF", and "Geoencoding" and nothing appears in any of the three choices. I have also tried the above scenario checking "Tag master", and in Lightroom choosing "Save Metadata to File" before choosing "Read Metadata to File" still with no success. Any suggestions?

Another question: when choosing "Write Exif tags" in Houdah Geo I am not given a choice of where to put the created file/info. What is the default location, and is there a way to choose the location?

Thanks so much!!

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EXIF and XMP metadata is usually embedded into image files. It may also be written to XMP sidecars.

When you check "Tag Masters/Originals", the metadata will be written to the original files rather than being written to preview files showing your latest changes. You almost always want to have this option checked.

When an XMP sidecar is present at the image location, HoudahGeo will read from and write to the sidecar rather than the actual image file. The "Always write XMP sidecar" option forces the creation of an XMP sidecar if none is present. You should uncheck this option.

With the above setup tags will be written where Lightroom can see them. You may verify this by dragging the tagged file into a fresh HoudahGeo project. There you should see the previously added metadata.

You may need to remove XMP sidecars you have previously created using Lightroom.

If you want HoudahGeo to see metadata created by Lightroom, you will need to set your Lightroom catalog to "Automatically write changes to XMP".

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Thank you, that did the trick!

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