When I try to open a found document in HoudahSpot (either with the Results menu item, or by double-clicking the document in the HoudahSpot listing), I get a Finder error message that I don't have permission(s).

But I do have the proper permissions. I can open these documents in the Finder with no problem.

And if I try a second time in HoudahSpot to open the document, it does work.

This does NOT seem to be a permission problem because the problem ONLY appears in HoudahSpot. I can open any of these files in the Finder, with other applications, etc.

How can I fix this?

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Sorry to hear you are experiencing problems.

I see this problem only very rarely and only with sandboxed applications like under Lion. It seems to be triggered by HoudahSpot passing along the search string to the next application.

Sandboxing is a new security mechanism which Apple introduced with Mac OS X Lion. The idea is that sandboxed applications are allowed to access only files when the user has explicitly asked for the application to access those files.

I have reported this occasional failure to open documents as bug against the Sandbox. So far I have no reply from Apple.

Which applications are you seeing the problem with?

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Yes, it is Preview. And in case this helps you track down the problem, it does work the SECOND time I select "Open Selection" in the Results menu, or double-click the item.

I'll check to see if this problem occurs with any other applications.
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