Recently an upgrade for ACTPrinter is availble so I downloaded the upgrade as usual. But then today when I want to transfer files to my iphone from my mac, nothing happens on my iphone after I hit the OK button on the printing screen.
I am wondering if your latest upgrade on the iphone won't communicate with that on the Mac which still run OSX 10.5's. So how to fix it if that is the case. Or any other things I could fix to make it work again.
Another issue quite annoying me is that after I edited the folder, transfering files from inbox to another folder, or move the folders up or down, then if I hit the done immediately after the edit. the app definitely give me an unexpected quit!! All the edit actions before the 'done' turn no effect.
Also the listing order of the folders will change automatically, a couple of them will move up or down to another location unexpectedly. So you need to look around since it will not stay where it should be as what I have put originally. Can someone help me with all these?
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The latest version of ACTPrinter contains several fixes to the printing mechanism. Unfortunately it seems that one of those fixes broke compatibility with iPhone multitasking. If you leave the application to access the home screen, printing may not work once you return to the application.
I am still not sure why and how this happens, but I will try to come up with a bug fix release as soon as possible.

Please try the following workaround:

- Go to the iPhone Home screen by pressing the Home button
- Press the Home button twice to activate the application switcher
- In the application switcher, press and hold the ACTPrinter icon
- A red minus button should appear on the ACTPrinter icon. Tap it
- Press the Home button to leave the application switcher
- Launch ACTPrinter

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