I am testing a demoversion of Houdahgeo (version 2.0.2 downloaded from Houdah website).
Step 1 (loading only one picture) and step 2 (import tracks) are working perfectly, track datas match with pictures.

But step 3 write to exif is not working, it does not write to exif, I can not see the datas (latitude, longitude, altitude) in any program (iphoto, aperture, bridge). I first use houdahgeo and after that I import the pictures in aperture, bridge etc.

I used another program called gpsphotolinker and it worked (writing to exif and seeing the data in aperture). But I like the workflow of houdahgeo, therefore can somebody help me to fix this issue?


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Thanks for your interest in HoudahGeo.

When exporting you have a choice of writing to all images or only selected images. Be sure to let HoudahGeo write to all images.

The demo version is limited to 5 images at export time. I.e. only the first 5 images in your project get tagged.

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