I'm currently running Catalina on my Mac mini
I have an external drive that was my dedicated, Timemachine drive for when the OS was High Sierra.
Can Houdah Spot search my .emlx (mail) files on my HighSierra, Timemachine drive? So far, it does not seem to work.

Note: I've forced Spotlight to index the Timemachine drive. I'm not sure if that affects anything regarding Houdah Spot.
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Time Machine and Spotlight seem to have a complicated history. I have seen Time Machine backups require a Spotlight index, backups refuse a Spotlight index, and backups having a Spotlight index that is not searchable. The behavior probably depends on the macOS version.

Anyhow, I cannot recommend working directly with a Time Machine backup. The backup is not meant to be used by any software other than Time Machine itself. Any accidental change to the backup files could corrupt the backup and render it unusable.

I recommend you extract your mail messages from the backup and save these to a separate folder on a different volume than your Time Machine backup.
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