I keep getting an error message when trying to access my Lightroom Classic CC library from within HoudahGeo. It tells me that:

"Catalog [path & catalog name] is associated with Lightroom version Classic CC but has an incompatible version. You may want to try to open it with Lightroom Classic CC first to update it. If successful please re-start the application."

All is working well from within Lightroom CC. I have also closed down the app, making a backup (that checks it for integrity issues), opening it up again then re-launching HoudahGeo. But I still get the same error message.

Please advise.

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Adobe has changed the version of the Lightroom Classic CC library database. We have yet to check if any of the changes affect HoudahGeo. We hope to have a HoudahGeo update out in the coming week.
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Great, thanks! I was thinking it had something to do with something like that... 😊
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