Hi Pierre!

At first, thank you a lot for keeping Houdah Spot updated.

Two things have changed with the last update where i would prefer the old behavior.

The Quick Look Preview is zooming now to the maximum width, so you may have to scroll to see all of the document. Is there a settings option (which i cannot find) to bring back the old behavior to zoom to page level?

And the second one was a "nice to have" for me which disappeared:
Drag & Drop is not longer possible from the Quick Look Preview.
You mentioned problems with the preview in the last release notes – if that was the reason, that's not so important to me. I also don't know how many other users had used this.
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Recent changes were to the “Text Preview” feature.

The “Quick Look Preview” is provided mostly by elements outside of HoudahSpot:

- the presentation Quick Look within the HoudahSpot search window or as separate window is mostly handled by macOS. Upgrading to a newer version of macOS may bring changes. Did you upgrade to 10.14 Mojave?
- the content of the preview is created by plug-ins dedicated to handling specific file types. Which file types are you seeing problems with? 

HoudahSpot does customize Quick Look to some extend. This mostly pertains to clicking and drag–and–drop. There however should not have been any changes here in recent updates.

Do you see the same behavior in th Quick Look preview pane within the HoudahSpot window and the separate / floating Quick Look window?

Pierre Bernard

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Thanks for your reply,

you are right – this behavior is also in the Finder Quick Look, so this change comes from Mojave or maybe Adobe (the change is at the PDF Files)

But drag-and-drop doesn't work (with any files).
Should i reinstall houdah spot? Or shoud I delete some files in the library?
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