Where's the link for the page showing the differences between 3 and 4? What do I get in terms of added or improved features by upgrading? The interface looks about the same????
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The HoudahSpot 4.0 upgrade brought a fresh new interface, improved speed and many new features. On a purely technical level, the changes are far too many to list. HoudahSpot 4.0 is actually an all-new application developed from a clean slate.
What matters however is not the list of features, but how these improve your workflow. I thus encourage you to give HoudahSpot 4.0 a try. Download the trial version. You can install HoudahSpot 4.0 alongside HoudahSpot 3.9. To avoid overwriting your existing copy of HoudahSpot, rename the newly dowloaded copy before moving it to the Applications folder.
The bigger enhancements and new features are:
- Quick search field: start a search by typing just a few words
- Tabs: our most requested feature
- Improved criteria editor: set up and combine search criteria faster than ever before
- Snippets: save sets of frequently used search criteria
- Details pane: Quick Look and text previews located within the main window
- Info pane: shows concise information on your files
- Filters: reduce the number of results shown by selecting values in the Info pane
- Sidebar: provides quick access to templates, snippets and tags
- Share and action menus
- Improved Apple Script support
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