This seems like a simple question, but I am not finding a simple enough guide to help configure a new WBT-201 on a Mac running Mavericks or on a Win7 x64 PC. Googling leads me to many options that are above my skill level. Is there is simple guide to setting up the software to config it on a Mac or a PC?

I use Houdah Geo with data from the device to geocode RAW files. Love it and it's an essential part of my workflow. I thank you for creating the software. It has been well worth the price over the years!

Connecting the device on a my current mavericks machine works great, via Houdah GPS. I just cannot configure the device on this machine currently. IS there software I can install to make this happen? 

On a Win7 x64 PC, I've installed Time Machine X successfully, but cannot get the device to be detected at the USB port. If there were a guide for this, I think I could do the rest on my own. Ideas or links for this? 

I am having no luck getting gtk-g-rays2 setup as described at It' be great to use this as I once got it running years ago on an XP machine, but not now.

Again, thank you for your time. 
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Unfortunately I cannot offer much help.

I remember once having tested Time Machine X under Windows running within a Parallels. I remember the software being very confusing, but I believe I did get it to work.

As for GTK-G-Rays2, I used a 1.x version, but don't remember which platform I tried that on. Never tried a 2.x version.

I actually quite like the factory settings of the WBT-201 and never felt the need to change those.
These days I mostly use the WBT-202. I don't think there is any third party software to adjust settings on that.

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