I'm finding myself very confused about the iPhoto integration workflow. Very excited to use it, but not sure how.

I launch HoudahGeo and select a photo from my library. Then locate it on the map to get lat/lon. If I write the EXIF however even with the tag originals/masters selected, I see nothing reflected in my iPhoto library when relaunching iPhoto. (e.g., looking at inspector panel, there is still no lat/lon).

Am I supposed to reverse geocode first in HoudahGeo? What is written to the iPhoto database?

- Eric
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Writing metadata to iPhoto '09 requires direct database access. There is no public API to perform this feature.

That's why it is recommended to quit iPhoto before performing the update. It is also a good idea to have a current backup.

HoudahGeo takes many precautions during this procedure. It is very unlikely to create problems with future versions of iPhoto. Moreover it is unlikely for Apple to change the database format in minor updates.

Pierre Bernard
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