I have been testing out HoudahGeo for a while and I have to say that I am quite satisfied with what I see. I greatly value the discussion forums and that users are provided with good answers.

I have couple of times purchased applications from developers and there have been a few occasions where the owner has just "vanished" and no further development has happened. Therefore I would like to get answers to following questions prior purchase:

1) Do you have a feature roadmap available that you would consider publishing to your users? What are users possibilities to influence on the items that are developed?

2) In the event that you fall in love, get kids, a new job, win in lottery or any other positive or negative event in your live do you have a plan to make the source code available to open source development?

I appreciate answers to the questions above and hope that you will continue to develop the application and provide support as well as it currently is available.

Thank you!

Best regards,
Ville Kemppinen

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Thanks for your interest in HoudahGeo.

1. There is no public roadmap. The roadmap is indeed in constant evolution based on user feedback. E.g. HoudahGeo 2.2 was focussed on improving iPhoto integration because that's what most users asked for. I actually had other plans but pushed those back.

2. I just might if I win the lottery. Houdah Software is a full time business. It is unlikely to fade away. And if it should do so nonetheless, assets will most likely be sold on to another company willing to pick up development.

HoudahGeo has been around for 2 years now and has seen very active development over that time frame. Dig out the release notes and be surprised how much we can cram into a dot release. So far all updates have been free. That's not to say they will always be.

Pierre Bernard
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