Hello- While traveling recently I used the iPhone polarsteps app to track my location but I forgot to also turn on location in camera app. Fortunately polarsteps did let me download my data (it's primary purpose is *not* to create geodata for users but to share your location and pictures with family while you travel.)

They sent me a file in .json format. I have tried various online converters and no success. Data looks like this in my safari browser[image]
I also tried converting from text versions which look like this:

{"locations": [{"lon": -81.5372774229242, "time": 1558462151.07012, "lat": 41.4977848810378}, {"lon": -81.536349132733, "time": 1558462452.05538, "lat": 41.4776759734764}, {"lon": -81.5362552554175, "time": 1558462752.07607, "lat": 41.4541131863757}, {"lon": -81.5399107710286, "time": 1558463053.06814, "lat": 41.4251664095013}, {"lon": -81.6318140454549, "time": 1558463353.08699, "lat": 41.4091055777378}, {"lon": -81.7561901686762, "time": 1558463746.5535, "lat": 41.4257641979647}, {"lon": -81.8013130253741, "time": 1558464051.00554, "lat":  (etc. with closing brackets at end)

Any ideas? Thank you!

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JSON is just a format for storing any kind of data. Basically, it says that lists go in square brackets and dictionaries have curly brackets.

You have a list of locations, where each has a value for "lon", "lat", and "time". You could just as well have a list of restaurants where each has a name and address. Generic JSON converts will not be able to do much without extra help.

I found a JSON to GPX converter:
I don't know what else you might need to install to get this to work.

It is probably easiest to convert your JSON to CSV. Either using an online converter or find-replace in a text editor. Try to get it to a point where each location is a line of time, lat, and, lon values separated by a comma or a tab character.

Then get GPSBabel and use it to convert from unicsv to GPX. You may need to first convert the time values. I assume these are in seconds from a reference date. Probably January 1, 1970.
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Thank you. After I posted this I did finally convert to csv but the date/time format will still need to be converted. Thank you for your suggestions!
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