Is it possible to copy or move a list of search results and preserve the folder structure?
Currently the copy or move commands dump all of the files into a single location. If I need to move the files back to their original location, or locate a copied file based on what directory it originated from, it is difficult to determine the original folder.
It would be nice if HoudahSpot could have an option to build out an empty folder hierarchy on top of the copied/moved documents.
This is helpful for legal discovery situations where I need to temporarily search for specific files, remove them from a users' computer, and then possibly restore selected files at a later date.
If anyone has other ideas to accomplish this let me know.
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I can think of no way to achieve this with HoudahSpot or Finder.
With HoudahSpot you can however copy the list of selected results to the clipboard.
You could add a Path column to your HoudahSpots results view. Then copy the results and paste the result into a text file or spreadsheet.
From there you would need to write scripts to process the information.
This might help:
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